Passive Income: Multiple Income Streams

What is the best passive income source

Well, what is passive income? Let’s make an example right away… Let’s assume that you own real estate, for example a house you live in. Your house has two apartments and you use only one, so what do you do? You rent out the other apartment! With some initial effort you’ll get paid rent every month! Passive income right there. The passive means that you don’t have to do a lot! And once you rent out an apartment the effort stays minimal.

Are there other passive income streams?

Sure, there are multiple income streams you could build up. When I started to inform myself about passive income, real estate was always one of the first examples… But what if you don’t already own real estate or in my case when I started, you don’t have enough money… what then? Well, I recently wrote an eBook for example! The costs are minimal (about $5 for a cool cover)… The only thing you have to invest is time!

What is the best passive income source?

The best? I just can tell you what worked for me… When I started to look for ways to generate passive income, I specialized myself to online marketing. Why? Because the starting costs are very low, the earning potential is huge, you can start part time and it is just a topic that I am passionate about! I have my own websites and I mostly do affiliate marketing.

An Introduction To Passive Income Generation

If you want to know more about passive income generation and you want to support me, you can buy my eBook I wrote for you. If you don’t want to spent money, just check out my other articles, I write about a lot of stuff, especially online marketing.

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Passive Income = Freedom

For me passive income is freedom! Well, financial freedom. I started searching for ways to get financial independent and how I could stop working and still to make money. Well, passive income was the answer. My goal is to travel the world… what is your goal?

Passive Income Freedom

5 Comments on Passive Income: Multiple Income Streams

  1. Hello, passive income is a word that I have heard for years and the awesome thing about this type of income is being able to have this kind of income where you don’t really have to work that hard or very little to get it. It is almost most as if letting your money work for you instead of you working for your money. I believe this is one of the reasons why so many people are turning to online business because of being in a position like this, I know that this is a great feeling to reach this level of being able to earn a whole lot with little work.

    • You are totally right! I like the sentence “It is almost most as if letting your money work for you instead of you working for your money” …Once you know about passive income, you want to have your own passive income sources!

  2. Nice post! I am new to passive income myself and it’s hard to find which one works and won’t cost a whole lot to get started. Your post is informative and encourages me to keep going because there is more than one tunnel to choose from. It’s all about find your niche. Thanks a lot!

    • Yeah, there are many ways to generate passive income! For myself creating an online business was the most interesting one, because you have to invest little money but time instead… Just let me know if I can help you somehow! I don’t know if you saw it, but I published a book about passive income:

  3. I really like the concept of passive income as it the best way to make money without working so hard. Especially being someone that works in an office all day, trading my time for a paycheck doesn’t really make too much sense. I am learning that the most valuable asset we have is our time, and clearly my job is taking that away from me. Thanks for this!

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