What Is A Niche In Internet Marketing

If we speak about marketing in general the first thing you do is to define your target audience. Who are the people you want to reach out? Who wants the product you sell or who could be interested in the things I write? Every company should know who their target audience is!

What’s a market?

If a company sells a product, than all potential customers are the market. For example if a company sells sunglasses, than everyone interested in buying sunglasses is in the market. Well… you may think that this is a big market and that’s good BUT you have many big competitors with which you have to share the market!

So what is a niche?

If you stay at the example with sunglasses we could choose a more specific market. For example wooden sunglasses! Not everyone wants wooden sunglasses, but there are people who want only wooden sunglasses.

What has fishing to do with a niche?

Imagine a big lake with many fishes. There are plenty of other people fishing at this lake and that’s not good for you, they take away the fish you could have catched but you didn’t because the other ones were faster and better.

So what I would do is to go to a smaller lake nearby where there are less fish BUT I am the only one who fishes there. I am sure that I will catch a fish… at the big lake I am not.

I hope you understood the message! If you have difficulties on choosing a niche, just check out the tutorial on How To Choose A Niche.

Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.

10 Comments on What Is A Niche In Internet Marketing

  1. Sound definition. Every business needs a target audience or a market . I also learnt your market or niche must be unique which was very useful to me. The video training was also excellent. I now know i can succeed in any niche and that there are a lot of untapped potentials in every niche if I learnt to be more specific and unique.

    thanks once again sirio

    • I am studying economics and management at the moment, and there are so many parallels from a normal business to an online business… it just comes down to this basic things. Trust me if you have a target audience in mind and you put some effort in, you sure will succeed. It’s only a matter of time and work 😉

      If you need any help in future just write me!

  2. I love how neatly formatted your blog is. It’s definitely easy to find the information that you are looking for in your article about niche marketing. Simple and to the point! I love the quote you used as well. As someone who operates my own niche website, it inspires me to continue putting extra time into my blog daily knowing that eventually I’ll rise to the top of the pile. Good luck. I wish you much success.

  3. I like your fishing analogy – what are the best ways to figure out if your niche is too popular? Do you have a technique to figure that out?

    Or what if you can’t find any competition at all in your niche – is that too small a pond? Would you say that there could still be a big market for a niche that just hasn’t been exploited at all?

    • What I would do is to just start googling about your niche idea and look for the results on the first pages. You want to look for a niche that hasn’t big competition, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick the niche at all, it only means that it’s more difficult to compete with high authority sites.

      If you find a niche where you can’t find competition, then please tell it to me 😛 You sure want to start building a website on that. 5+5=10 but 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=10 too. What I want to say, many small niches are the same as one big (many small niches are even better)

      Just let me know if something is still unclear.

  4. Great write up on niche’s in internet marketing!

    This is a solid way to introduce beginners into what a niche really is. I get questions all of the time regarding how to zero down a niche but never have I seen such a well written definition of what it was.

    I will definitely be pointing people in your direction so they can get a clear idea of what to do and look for in a niche! Also great follow up link on “How to choose a Niche”. Very informative!

    • Hey Justin, thank you so much for the comment 😉

      This is just a smaller site I started, but I sure will put out more valuable content in future!

  5. So realistically speaking – all I need to get started in internet marketing is a niche I am interested in and maybe a website as well?
    I can see the marketing tutorials you are promoting here come with free websites – would these be good enough for me to get started with? Very interesting article…

    • Hi Chris,

      simply speaking yes! You can get started with free websites… What means free? You’ll only get a subdomain like yourname.siterubix.com

      To get started it’s perfect, so you can test a lot of things. But if you want to step it up you’ll need your own domain (costs about $10 a year) and a hosting service.

      If you really want to get started and build your own online business, you can sign up at Wealthy Affiliate where you can build your first site for free + you’ll get a basic training about making money online.

      Sign up here

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