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Searching for the best way to create your own online business? Well, there are so many ways to build a business online and the perfect internet business for you might be different then the perfect business for me. What I can tell you is my story and a general good way to start online.

Affiliate Marketing

At the moment I “just” do affiliate marketing and I recommend it to everybody when starting out online? Why? Well, you don’t need to create your own product, you help other people generating more sales by recommending products… Everytime someone buys the product you recommended you’ll get a commission! It’s that simple!

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies – How does it work?


My Internet Business

Affiliate marketing is just one of the ways to make money online… When I started researching more about affiliate marketing and how to build your own internet business it was very difficult to find trustable and valuable information. Everybody explained the concept of making money online…. BUT nobody really explained how to build your site step by step.

Short step by step guide

  1. Choose a topic you’ll create a site about (your passion!!!)
  2. Buy a domain and webhost
  3. Set up your site (WordPress is one of the easiest ways)
  4. Search for a relevant affiliate program
  5. Fill your site with content
  6. Promote your site
  7. Repeat step 5 and 6

This is really just a quick step by step guide of the basics. When you actually go through this steps you will see, that a lot of questions about details come up… If you are still reading this article and you really want to start your own internet business, than stay tuned. You’ll need to learn some things and you’ll need to put in some effort!!! BUT if you stay focused you’ll reach your goal!


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Trust me this time and you won’t regret it, you have nothing to loose!

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