5 Easy Steps How To Reach Your Goals


You want to learn how to reach your goals, but you don’t know where to start or even if you are capable to reach them? I had the same problem and if you don’t have a strategy you will loose your motivation and be disappointed… I don’t want that, I want that you achieve your goals and dreams. So here is how I do it!

1. define and visualize your goal SMART

Defining a goal… That sounds obvious, but not everybody does it. If you really want to reach a goal, then you have to specify it. If you don’t know where to go, you will never get to your destination, so be as specific as possible. You might have heard this, a goal has to be defined SMART.

SMART stands for:

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Attainable
  • R – Relevant
  • T – Time Based


Here is an example for a SMART goal when starting out a new website:

My goal is it to reach a traffic of 1.000 visitors a month within the next 4 month.

Or for example if you start learning a new instrument like the guitar a goal could be the following:

My goal is it to learn 4 chords and one song within the next month.

After you know exactly what your goal is, make it visual! Write it down, make a picture out of it and hang it somewhere where you see it everyday. This is a little trick to keep you motivated… Simple, but it works!

2. split the goal into actionable tasks

This step also sounds obvious, but how I said earlier… Not everybody really does it. Take your time and prepare yourself, it makes everything easier. But how do you split a goal? Where do I start?

First things first. Let’s take the first example with the 1.000 visitors a month within the next 4 month. What I would do is to split the goal into smaller goals for every month/week… What makes sense. In this example I will split it per moth.

  • 1. month -> 250 visitors/month
  • 2. month -> 500 visitors/month
  • 3. month -> 750 visitors/month
  • 4. month -> 1.000 visitors/month

Now I have something like a game plan. So now I can think about, how can I reach my first goal in the first moth? Well, I won’t reach the goal with only Search Engine Traffic, because that needs time. I will have to promote my posts massively on Social Media.  That means I need Social Media profiles and I need to build a follower-base… You see here that if you think about how to achieve your goal you get a chain of tasks and you’ll now exactly where to begin. The first thing I would do in my example is to create Social Media profiles on relevant platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter… It depends what my topic is and so on, but you get the idea.

So now you should have the SMART-goal, some smaller goals and a list of tasks.


3. create a schedule for your goals and tasks

Now that you defined what your goals are and how to reach them you should create a schedule. When do you start with the tasks and when do you want to finish with each task? Set yourself a time-limit for each task and goal. You can make this visual by creating a simple gantt chart that should look like this:


Click here for your gantt-chart template

4. start doing and stop planing

Well, enough planing. You shouldn’t spend too much time planing your goals, because you’ll see that sometimes you’ll have to adapt your plans, because you didn’t calculate everything and that’s not possible. So if you see that your plan doesn’t work, take the time and overthink it, that’s no shame! And don’t forget to hang the schedule between your visualized goal.

Now that you planned everything and you know exactly where to start, then start! If you want to achieve something there is no way around the doing-part. Start completing your tasks step by step and you will see how your goal comes closer and closer. After making the first step, the second one is easier than at the beginning.


5. keep yourself motivated

At the beginning you’ll be very motivated but with the time passing the motivation drops. If you get in the situation where you loose motivation to go on, remember yourself why do you want to reach your goal! Or look back at what you already did, it would be a shame to give up now! You have to look every day at your goals and schedule and hopefully everyday you’ll see that you are one step further. If you notice that you really work hard on your tasks and goals but you don’t get closer, something is wrong. Take the time and repeat the steps listed here.


The 5 Steps How To Reach Your Goals

  1. define your goal and remember yourself everyday what your goal is!

  2. split the goal into smaller goals and actionale tasks

  3. set yourself time-limits and create a schedule

  4. start doing and working on your tasks

  5. keep yourself motivated, don’t you dare give up!


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