Best Keyword Tool For SEO

You have a niche site and you need to write SEO friendly articles targeting a good keyword? Well, then you’ll need a keyword tool to search for this keyword. But what’s a good keyword?

Criterias for a good keyword

  • a good keyword should have low competition
  • a good keyword should be specific

In one word, you need to search for long-tail-keywords! They are easier to rank for because the competition is low and they are very specific. If you target a specific keyword you know exactly what people are searching for!

Now what’s the best keyword tool for SEO?

The best keyword tool should be easy to use and should help you to find as fast as possible “good” keywords! Jaaxy is the tool you are looking for. It’s really easy to use and has all the information you need.

Jaaxy best keyword tool

  • Avg. -> Average searches per month
  • Traffic -> Average traffic you’ll get if your result is on page 1
  • QSR -> Other sites trying to rank for the keyword
  • SEO -> Score from 1 to 100 (1=bad keyword to pick, 100=good keyword to pick)

How you see, Jaaxy is a very simple but effective keyword tool to use for SEO purpose. You can make your first searches for free right now!

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